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Fare Well - Part 3

31 December -

The final instalment of Fare Well sends a message of hope for 2021!

After Parts One and Two of Fare Well, Part Three, The Future, looks to 2021 with optimism. Taking inspiration from a poem by Robert Burns (Sketch New Year's Day), Jackie echoes Burns’ question about the night of Hogmanay and asks what did ‘yesternight deliver’ and like Burns, finds that there is hope and that it is found in nature: we need only look up at the skies and we find hope.

Joining David Tennant, Siobhan Redmond and Lorne MacFadyen to voice Part Three, are 25-year-old native Gaelic speaker Winnie from the Isle of Skye, Miren (aged 9 from Glasgow) and Heather (aged 18 from Glasgow).


"We share the planet’s air. What’s yours is mine… 

There ur seeds on the air which wull be trees. 

Choreography on the air, danced by bees. 

There's auld licht made braw by a billion stars"


"We say Wha’s like us, singing Auld Lang’s Syne.

We share the planet’s air. What’s yours is mine."


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