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Fare Well - Part 2

30 December -

Fare Well, Part Two, The Present, turns to look at us today and to give thanks for the many acts of community and kindness displayed by so many across the country. Jackie reflects on the goodness of the human spirit and our  sense of togetherness that has emerged in 2020.   

Part Two includes images of “WE” in the skies above Edinburgh – a message from Scotland of universality and commonality – with “WE” translated into many languages including French, Gaelic, Arabic, Greek, Korean, Mandarin and Thai.


"And folk sing the wurld over

 blending the atmosphere;

music reaching oot to bless the air,

and now we ken oor neighbours’ names."


Using sophisticated AI software to choreograph their movements, the drones from UK based swam drone pioneers, Celestial, reached an altitude of 150m and top speeds of up to 25mph to form images created by Scottish illustrator, Gary Wilson.  Reflecting Jackie’s poem, the drones in part two depict a series of images including a whale, a selkie and an enormous SCOTLAND over Edinburgh Castle. Lending their voices to the second part are renowned actors David Tennant, Siobhan Redmond, Lorne MacFadyen, Scots Makar Jackie Kay, and 25-year-old native Gaelic speaker Winnie from the Isle of Skye. The film is set to a specially composed musical score from Skye-based Celtic fusion band, Niteworks.


"we send emojis through the ether,

to weather the storm; together, alone."


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