Fireworks, Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2022

Safety Tips

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay events are enormously popular, always attract great crowds and are also incredibly safe. We have stewards and medical officers at all events to assist you, but please remember, you can also do your bit to ensure we all have a happy and safe New Year.


Official Edinburgh’s Hogmanay ticket sales are through our own website ( and Ticketmaster ONLY. Any tickets purchased through other third party websites, such as eventbrite or social media comment sections, are not official tickets and therefore invalid and will not permit entry to events.

Street party tickets are unfortunately sold out. There are currently no plans to release any more, and there is no official resale. Please do not purchase from third party sellers/scammers as these tickets will not be valid on the night. You can still access the Street Party with a Concert in the Gardens ticket which can be purchased on our website.



Do get there early. Live entertainment from 9 pm –NO ENTRY after 11pm. Ticket Holders are advised to come early. Entry to the Hogmanay Street Party Venue is not guaranteed by a specific gate.

DON’T forget your e-ticket– you won’t get into the ticketed arenas without them.

DON’T bring or accept drugs, banned substances, or “legal highs” (legal doesn’t mean safe).

DON’T bring any glass, including bottles.

DON’T bring any container over 500ml.

DON’T expect entry if you have had too much to drink. You will be refused.

DO appreciate that bags may be searched on entry for safety reasons.

DO drink responsibly. Management reserve the right to refuse entry.

DO think about how you will be getting home. Hogmanay Bus Services and FREE Hogmanay Trams will be operating after the event to get you home safely.

Bear in mind

This is a very busy, all-standing, outdoor festival event so please dress for the weather.

Street Party tickets do not allow access into the Concert in the Gardens or any other advertised Festival events.

There will be access to extensive range of outdoor bars, street food and toilets throughout the arena.

No persons under 12yrs permitted at the Street Party.

Concerts in the Gardens which are more accessible events.

Anyone under 16yrs must be accompanied by an adult over 21yrs of age.

On the night

Do pick your spot early to enjoy the Midnight Moment.

Do look after your friends, and arrange meeting points in case you become separated.

Do think about how you will get home.

Do let a police officer or steward know if you see anything suspicious.

Do listen out for announcements and follow any instructions given out – they are for your benefit.

Do get to know where the emergency services are stationed. First aiders are located throughout the arena. Please ask one of our stewards if you require medical assistance.