Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is about taking part and getting involved. Be a Hogmanay Hero and help make your Hogmanay the greatest New Year festival in the world.

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This is what we’re looking for….

The climax to this year’s Torchlight Procession on 30 December will see thousands of torch bearers spell out one word – which has been suggested and chosen by the young people of Scotland – and which symbolises how they want Scotland to be seen around the world.

We are looking for a large number of volunteers to help us form that word out of thousands of torchbearers. You will work under our professional chartists (yes, that’s the name for choreographed mass movement!), Rocky Smith and Gina Martinez, who have worked on the Commonwealth Games and 62 opening ceremonies around the world.

This will be an amazing event to work on. You will help to create a brand new and iconic image from Edinburgh that will travel around the world.

All ages are welcome – young and old – but you must be comfortable on your feet for an extended period of time.

Availability Requirement:
You will need to be available for some rehearsals and induction on 28th and 29th December (not full days) and obviously for the event on 30th December itself (full day). 

We want our rebooted and revamped Street Party to leave its mark on people. Help make Edinburgh’s Street Party the best and safest party in the world.

We’re looking for Hogmanay Hosts with a “happy to help” attitude. You’ll be the friendly hosts and info points for the thousands of people that come to the Street Party. Show people around and give out helpful information in the event arena.

You will get free access to the world famous Street Party.

All ages are welcome – young and old – but please bear in mind that this is an outdoor event that will require lots of walking and standing around.

Availability Requirement:
You will need to be available for induction and training from midday on 31 December. 

This year’s Street Party will be an enormous show and spectacle as well as a party. We need an army of wonderful performers to help create our ensemble cast.

Are you a confident and enthusiastic performer from Edinburgh? Are you a talented dancer, acrobat or street performer who loves to perform in front of a crowd? Are you a member of an amateur drama club, choir or performing arts community? If so, we want to here from you!

Help shape and make the Street Party show on New Year’s Eve. Work with a world-class creative team who have worked on opening ceremonies and major outdoor events all around the world.

Get free access to the Street Party, be part of an amazing event and say to your friends… “I was there”.

Availability Requirement:
You will need to be available for induction and rehearsals from 28 December, though these are not expected to be full days. It is likely that you will be required all day on the 31 December and will finish late. 

Val McDermid’s brand new short story will be projected on to a number of buildings and landmarks around the centre of Edinburgh, and visitors will be able to take a walking trail of the route to follow the chapters of the story.  

We’re looking for wonderful volunteers in each ‘chapter’ location to help show people around the route, guide and advise.

Are you proud and loud about Edinburgh? Do you love Edinburgh’s literary life and amazing architecture? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Availability Requirement:
The event takes place each evening between 1 and 25 January. Help us as little or as much as you can. Hours and time commitment can be flexible during this period. The event will take place in the city centre.