Torchlight Procession - Important Information

27th December

It’s almost time for this year’s Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations to begin - kicking off with the Torchlight Procession.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the event and we thought it would be useful to list all the important information you need so you can concentrate on enjoying the event.


Starting Points

Your starting point is shown on your ticket, please make sure you go to the correct starting point, you will ONLY be able to enter and collect your torches there.

A: North Bridge. Collection opens from 5.30pm
B: St Giles' Street. Collection opens from 5.00pm
C: South Bridge. Collection opens from 5.30pm

For those with mobility issues unable to stand for long periods of time or travel long distances, there is a joining point closer to the end of the procession route location at Abbey Strand next to the Palace of Holyrood House. Please contact the Box Office to advise of any requirements.



Important Information

  • Once you have entered your starting point, there is no re-admission.     
  • If you leave the procession area you won’t be allowed to re-join.
  • Torch vouchers will be exchanged for a torch at your chosen starting point after your tickets are checked. Please note once you have had your tickets checked you cannot leave the event arena and come back.
  • Please do not bring bags any larger than 40cm x 20cm x 30cm. Bag searches will be taking place so we would advise you to not bring a bag unless completely necessary.
  • This is an outdoor event in Scotland so please dress warmly!
  • The route includes some uneven, cobbled surfaces, so please take care and wear sensible shoes.
  • The torches are made from wax, and safety guards are supplied to protect carriers’ hands from dripping wax. When windy the wax from the torches can be blown onto clothing. Whilst easily removable (top tip — an iron and brown paper) please dress appropriately and do not carry torches if wearing delicate fabrics.
  • Spectators of the event are welcome but you cannot join the procession en-route, and please do not stand in front of the procession to take photographs. There are parts of the route where spectators will be unable to stand due to narrow pavements. The best place to view is from Holyrood Park.


The Procession will culminate in Holyrood Park where the first few thousand torchbearers will form-up #ScotWord  – if you’re near the front of the Procession, professional chartists and choreographers (as well as signage) will direct you into the letters.  You can choose not to enter the letters and instead form a circle around the word.  When the moment is right, a helicopter will capture the word – be ready to smile!

Firework Timings

There will be a short fireworks display from Calton Hill at approximately 8pm followed by a longer display, also from Calton Hill, at approximately 9pm.

  • There will be a stage in Holyrood Park with entertainment from 7pm until 9pm
  • Temporary toilets will be available at all three starting points, as well as in Holyrood Park.
  • Food concession stands will be available in Holyrood Park.
  • Please always follow the direction of staff and stewards.
  • The following items are not permitted:
  • children's buggies/ pyrotechnics/ laser pointers/ blades/ scissors/ weapons/ flammable liquids/ drones/ pets

Road Closures

Please note, there will be road closures across the city centre throughout the day and we recommend you use public transport to get to the event but, if you plan on driving, please plan your journey in advance and leave in plenty of time to get to your event. For more information on road closures, click here.

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