READ: #ScotWord - “What makes you most proud to live in Scotland?”

18th July

To mark the launch of Scotland's Year of Young People in 2018, the finale of this year’s Torchlight Procession will see torches spell out just one word.

The #ScotWord will be chosen by the young people of Scotland answering the question “What makes you most proud to live in Scotland?". Images of #ScotWord will be beamed around the world, heralding the voices of the young people of Scotland.

Starting in the autumn, this is part of a nationwide project, through which we will hear about the values, opinions and attitudes of young people living across Scotland today. Young ambassadors from every region of the country will visit youth groups in their local area to lead workshops - encouraging young people to talk about what makes them most proud to live in Scotland and what they would like to say about Scotland to the rest of the world. These workshops and young people across the country will be able to submit their #ScotWord choice to the Edinburgh’s Hogmanay website.  

We are very excited to announce that our young ambassadors for the #ScotWord campaign will be led by the Scottish Singer-Songwriter Nina Nesbitt.


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