Sanjeev Kohli is Still Game as he unveils bold new tartan for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay

13th December

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is revamped, refreshed and re-energized for 2018. That fresh, bold new energy combined with Scotland’s welcoming spirit at Hogmanay is captured in an unapologetically vibrant new tartan as unveiled today by top Scottish comedian, Sanjeev Kohli.


The world famous Street Party is undergoing a major reanimation for 2018, with a 6 hour party bringing the spirit of carnival and animating the length and breadth of the Princes Street arena in a hugely revamped programme for one of the world’s greatest parties. In one of the many fresh new elements for the Street Party, proceedings will be hosted for the first time, with Kohli at the helm as master of ceremonies and keeping the party going.


A big job needs a strong look and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Street Party Host is suited and booted by top Scottish clothing brand, Slanj who have expertly tailored a kilt and waistcoat from the bold new tartan, providing Kohli with a look befitting of the occasion.


The creative concept which inspired the tartan draws on the strong sense of belonging tartan evokes, both at home and abroad, fused with the spectacular celebration and explosion of colour that is Hogmanay as Edinburgh shows the world how to party at New Year.


Sanjeev Kohli, Street Party Host said: “The idea was always to show Scotland at its vibrant best on this very Scottish night, and you don’t get much more vibrant than this. It also perfectly fits the bill of a “Hogmanay revamp” – its tartan, but not as you know it. As the Host of the massive Street Party, it’s important that I can be seen from a distance, and I have been assured by the relevant authorities that I will be visible from deep space.”


Struan Leslie, Street Party Director said: “We want to welcome people into Scotland’s capital city in the same way as if it were our home and introduce them to some of those traditions surrounding Hogmanay and Scottish culture. Alongside dancing, singing and traditional gifts at this time of year tartan stands out as a big part of that - so what better way to celebrate it than to commission a new one for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.


“With the pink base mixed with the other strong primary colours we wanted to make something dynamic. With guidance from Brian at Slanj and working along with Ala Lloyd our Event Designer, we explored the making of the tartan starting with bold abstract paintings and developed our ideas to the strict DNA-like warp and weft of the tartan that we have today. Our tartan is very bold and particular - it will leave its mark!”


Brian Halley, Director Slanj Kilts said: “We are very eager to share Edinburgh’s Hogmanay with our customers. Hogmanay is such a great opportunity to celebrate together at the end of an excellent year and the start of a thrilling 2018, filled with exciting new projects for Slanj and all of our customers!


It was an honour to work with Struan Leslie and Ala Lloyd to design such a wild contemporary tartan for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. It was great to have a legend like Sanjeev in the store and we are delighted that he will be wearing a Slanj Kilt outfit for such a massive event as the Street Party. Sanjeev is going to look super smart in his kilt outfit but if he is a true Scotsman, and it is totally baltic, then he can slip into his cosy tartan trews which we’ve also made for him, just in case…”


As well as being modelled expertly on the night by Kohli, the creative concept behind the new Edinburgh’s Hogmanay tartan will be woven through many aspects of the Street Party as part of the new, refreshed programme. Full details will be announced soon. 

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