New Year resolutions: What will yours be in 2019?

8th November

Imagine.  It’s the 1st Janaury 2019, Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations are coming to a close, you’ve woken up with sore feet and amazing memories of rocking out to Gerry Cinnamon and the Mac Twins. But as you chow down on your eggs and black pudding, are you really ready to commit to those New Year’s resolutions you keep replaying in your head or have you already broken resolution number 1, eat better!


Top three most popular resolutions

According to a YouGov poll, last year’s top three most popular resolutions were:


1. Eat better

But is January really the time for asceticism?  It’s cold and bleak out there. Can you really see yourself chewing on a celery stick or would you rather settle down with some good, old-fashioned stodge in front of the fire warming your cockles? Remember it’s still the middle of winter – especially in Scotland! – so eating better could just mean fewer mince pies. Save the salad for June.


2. Exercise more

Every January, Google searches for gyms spike and membership purchases soar. Research shows that people waste a staggering £558m a year on unused gym memberships - with more than one in 10 people saying they hadn’t stepped foot inside their gym for a whole year. Now that’s one expensive New Year’s resolution! How about just hopping off the bus one stop early every day instead?


3. Spend less money

40% of people made a resolution to save money, spend less or just manage their money better in 2018. And many of us actually stuck to this one. Figures show that annual consumer growth slowed down from 2.5% in December to a five-month low of 0.4% in January, as people tightened their belts. Good to see that we do have willpower after all!


What are your resolutions?

We hit the streets of social media and asked people what their New Year’s Resolutions are. Here’s what they said:


Work less; earn more – Amen to that!

Try a new recipe each week – yummy!

Food shopping through the alphabet, adding something new into the shopping cart from A-Z – now that’s a novel way of trying new foods!

Be a nicer person – we need more of those in the world!

Learn to drive – we’ll be in driverless cars soon, so you may not need to...

Save. Every time you have £2 in change, put it in a box – might be a tad tricky in today’s cashless society! You could set up a £2 direct debit?

Do more for charity – we could all do with taking a leaf out of this person’s book!

Start drinking red wine – very sophisticated.

Stop being indecisive – always a good one.

Meditate every day – we all need to take some time out for the soul.

Connect with someone new – the more friends the better!

Spend less time on social media – we can always try!

Be on time – change a habit of a lifetime, you may surprise yourself.

Don’t make any! Wait until your birthday to make resolutions instead – clever way to dodge annoying questions about New Year’s resolutions!


Now don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not great at sticking to your resolutions. After all, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail but 20% don't. And yes, most of us only manage about two weeks before we call it quits, but hey at least we had a good run! Research shows that Friday 12th January is the fateful day when our motivation begins to wane. So if we want to keep motivated for more than two weeks, what can we do?


Tips on sticking to resolutions (Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day)


Pick achievable goals

Your ultimate aim may be to have the body of Adonis, but you’ve got to give yourself a realistic timescale and regime. Don’t make a resolution to run the Marathon if you haven’t even run a mile before.

Enlist a buddy

Everything is easier with a friend by your side to motivate you, to commiserate with you and to get you right back up on your feet again when you’ve had a bad day. As they say, it takes two to tango!

Join a club

46% of club members are more active than non-club members. So if you want to learn a new skill, join a club. The socialising aspect and peer support makes it less likely that you will drop out and if you’re paying for it, then that often is motivation enough (although not in the case of gym memberships, apparently!).

Stick with it

Remember lapses don’t mean failure. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. If you have a bad day, just start again.


Whether you are a never again (I will never drink, smoke, eat chocolate again) or a superhero resolution maker (I will be the best at everything I do), set realistic goals and you may just have a chance of hitting them. One goal you can set with confidence for 2019 is to have a mind-blowingly spectacular, crazy, fun and belly laughing time at Hogmanay in Edinburgh again next year. Now that’s one resolution we know you won’t have difficulty sticking to!

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